The Walls of Life

Let me tell you a story.

Do you know why walls have been built. It has to do something with the things inside. Things that you ought to be strong yet vulnerable. It is like a glass that once you move in a wrong way it could be broken into pieces. Walls built to protect what is need to be protected. Once damaged A shattered world cannot to back to its place again. It becomes unknown to others but the world within can be like an oblivion. The course will leave no footprints and it will vanish and turn to ashes that no one will remember but the whole life will become miserable. Could you imagine what will happen to that world? Will you be responsible. The chaos of life is not just dependent to whom who handles it. Everyone was responsible whatever the reason you have.


Life Choices

I believe choices leads us where we want to be but sometimes things not goes around with your choice. You work hard to please yourself that you’re doing great and unconsciously not realizing that your ought to please people too.

It is frustrating that when you see yourself at the  moment then suddenly they takes it from you. That is why I somehow afraid to believe what was happening thinking that if it is already for real. Most of the opportunities was taken from me because I’m not their choice even my name was already written their. I am thinking when could I really grasp the moment that I can say this is really for me. That this time is for me. I have that second thought holding my self not to be too happy because anytime it will taken out from me. It feels like I’m unfortunate to every chances. Sometime I thought to be selfish too. I don’t want to taught others   what I know. It holds me that my skill should be paid off also.

But on the other hand I am thinking that it should not be the right thing I will do. Rather I want to improve myself and focus on thing s where I could do better. Preparing to goals I want to achieve. Work hard and not thinking of reward. I am not loosing hope because I believe Gods love me always and there’s always a right moment for me. The desires of my heart will be granted in Gods blessings. Hard work will be paid off. Most importantly working as I am serving God. Be happy and contented with what I have.

Why not Do IT

I started writing because I’ve never been into it before. I wish my thought flows easily into my hands and never forget them like how it pops up my mind every time new ideas arrived and able to write them as how it was constructed in my brain. But sadly, it was not. I challenged my self to write and I believe I could, that’s why I named my blog “Dark Hours” because I am motivated when I’m in my dark times. There’s where my imagination goes out every time my dreams are shattered around. I cant do nothing anyway. For me negative thought cannot be solve by forgetting it not paying attention into it. Why not dealing into it and turn it into something memorable as an experience. Thought is the first stage in building your principles because those thoughts are your experience where you become affected and that turns out to be your learning  and that depends on your level of thinking. Constructive thoughts can be your principles that can help and build you as a better person and it can be your pillar that protect you for another dooms day to happen.